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Just to bump that way-old entry off my page.  Most likely I'm procrastinating again if I happen to see this page :p  Anyhow, thank you for checking out this nearly barren page!


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Borntothevoid Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey Pepper, I was looking through my drawings collection and found a drawing you did for me years ago, when I was really active on DA. It made me smile. Thank you. x 
peppertomato Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Thank you so much for this message! Oh wow, that drawing was from 6 years ago back when I was more active here as well.  I'm happy to hear my drawing put a smile on your face. Also, thank you for the watch, though I haven't uploaded anything here in years.  Makes me wonder if I should at least post some of my sketches once in a while.  Have a great day!
Borntothevoid Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I remember looking at that picture and thinking you had a gift that would come out with time and practice. I grew up with artist friends and family, so I can often spot talent. There was definitely something in how you drew that. A certain sensitivity maybe. Everyone who has a talent has something other people may lack, and that drawing was strangely gentle. 

Sensitivity is something I've really struggled to find  in my art. I think I'm getting there now, although I havent posted anything in a while either. I used to be so sure my art was something special, but I guess I have friends like :iconyutaan: on DA who often produce art I wish I'd made, so I'm more and more aware of my limitations and less sure what the way forward is now.

Hmm. Sorry for the introverted post. You should get your sketches out there. :)
peppertomato Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Thank you for your kind appraisal! Please don't apologize for your post, I'm very happy to have received it.  I'm not very good with words and so the following is me trying to put a jumbled bunch of feelings into sentences for my reply haha.  I hope you don't mind it's a little long.

I think you're very fortunate to have grown up with artists. You sound like a wonderful artist and friend yourself; being able to appraise someone else's work and give them positive feedback can be such an important source of motivation. I was going to say that I'm envious that you can spot talent, but I think maybe you're not seeing your own talents? If you're able to see somebody else having the ability to improve and make even better art, why not see that in yourself?

The idea of talent is odd to me. I used to think I knew what talent was; that certain things came easier to certain people without much reason and you either had it or you didn't. I'm not sure I really believed in myself having talent and it was depressing, but over the years I've learned that talent isn't even the most important thing.  Effort, willpower, persistence, and all those nitty gritty words are so much more important. 

Your friend certainly has some wonderful artwork, but maybe instead of comparing your work with their's and seeing your 'limitations', see how much room you have to explore and develop.  You've probably heard that before and I know it's easier said than done (personal experience), but an illustration is made up of so many things and there are so many ways to create and improve!   It's hard to know how much time and work went into a piece of artwork if the artist doesn't flat out tell you.  Maybe the artist learned some tricks, techniques, or theories that make the artwork come together better.  All artworks are made up of some fraction of knowledge of techniques and creativity.  What do you like about other people's work?  What makes it different from the rest? Visual appeal? Story telling?

This was honestly one of the best pieces of art-related advice I've found, and I think it opened my eyes. The video is a kind of long, but I recommend at least getting to the 'secret'…

I'll post some of my sketches soon, and I hope to see some of your new work too!
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naokunn Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Thanks for the :+fav:!!
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